The General Frame

    • Open Education:

      Open education provides the opportunity for a person to develop himself in various knowledge and sciences without limits of time or place. If you browse the Internet, you will find thousands of websites that talk about open education programs. This is teaching the future
      This has been helped by the modern technologies that have been developed in recent years, as they have become the means for active, effective and enjoyable education at the same time.
      The supervisor of a group of students can follow each of them electronically separately, knowing his level of performance and the extent of his participation in receiving lectures and participating in dialogue sessions.
      The simulators installed on the platform also contributed to the practical training
      And the labor market in many countries has become a preference for learners through open education because of their seriousness, as most of them study and work at the same time.
      And recently, the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties approved the principle of e-learning and approved its certificates. The Saudi Electronic University was also established.
      Platform features:

      We created an electronic educational platform under the name of Al-Falah, in order to deliver knowledge and knowledge throughout the Arab world. Because this is in line with the global trend, and in line with Vision 2030.

      Al Falah platform offers its educational programs in two main areas:

      General education: includes social, cultural, management sciences and self-development.
      Medical education: addressed to all members of the health team.
      The platform programs are divided into:
      Training courses (continuing education): These include courses, seminars, conferences and panel discussions.
      Postgraduate studies: in cooperation with leading universities from around the world.
      Blended e-learning.
      Receiving lectures and participating in dialogue sessions electronically, and effective communication between students and teachers
      The pleasure of active learning using multiple communication methods.
      Study on the job in accordance with the circumstances of the student.

Why Al Falah?

If I had been asked why we launched our platform Al Falah, I would have said:

In honor of the Lord’s call, “Come to the righteousness”
To commemorate the Al-Falah Schools that contributed to the educational renaissance in the Arabian Peninsula over a hundred years ago