• The course is recommended to fulfill the medical trainers needs in the following area:
  • The participant will be able to have developed confidence in their ability to train effectively in the clinic.
  • Become more aware regarding teaching and learning skills
  • Be able to monitor their trainee’s development as academic supervisor.
  • Work-based formative assessments.


  • Establish a healthy learning environment.
  • Master the clinical competencies for the clinical practice .
  • Train junior trainees on applying the constructive feedback.
  • Train senior trainees on applying 5-microskills for clinical teaching.
  • Conduct portfolio and supervision assessment.

Please note that:

  • Al Falah Academy disclaims responsibility for any damages that occur as a result of misuse of technology and attendance of online courses.
  • The platform for attending the courses contains the ability to open or close the trainee’s camera, which is the possibility of full control over it, especially by the trainee, as he can share his camera or not, so Al-Falah Academy clarifies that it is not responsible for any damages that occur due to the trainee sharing his camera during the events The course being held, bearing in mind that proof of attendance of the course requires sharing the camera at least twice during each training day.
  • The trainee undertakes not to use the feature of attending the courses online in any work or act that harms other trainees or violates their privacy, and he has no right to do any act that would cause direct or indirect harm to any of the other trainees attending the course or the academy.
  • The trainee undertakes not to use the feature of attending the courses online in any action or act that harms the center or violates its rights in terms of recording and publishing the courses or publishing the link to any non-participant or using the training notes and the attached training materials other than what they were prepared for or selling them, and the center has the right in case of violation The trainee shall submit to the competent authorities concerned in the Kingdom.
  • Our dear customer, we hope to fill in your data correctly, and in the event that your data is registered during the course is incomplete, false or duplicate, it deprives you of obtaining the certificate, and the Academy is not responsible for any error and the data cannot be modified after the course ends because the registration system is locked before the end of the course.
  • I, who is registered with my details below, declare my full and unconditional acceptance of all the terms of attending the online course described above and that all my data are correct and that I bear all responsibility towards the Al-Falah Academy, the trainer, the trainees or the employees of the Academy.


رسوم الدورة:

  • السعر 633 ريال
  • استخدم كود GNP للموظفين GNP

Dr. Rajaa Mohammad Al-Raddadi

Preventive medicine consultant

Dr. Mazin Ismail

Family Medicine consultant

Dr. Sarah Almuammar

Assistant Professor and Family Medicine Consultant

تعلم مع اكاديمية الفلاح

تبسيط العلوم الحديثة والمهارات الفردية من أجلك

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موضوع الدورة : Training of Trainers
نوع البث: دورة متعددة المواعيد
المستضيف : Falah Academy
كافة المواعيد
  • سبتمبر 26, 2021 04:00 مساءً
  • سبتمبر 27, 2021 04:00 مساءً
التصنيف: القطاع الصحي
مدة الدورة: 10 ساعات 0 دقائق
موعد الدورة بتوقيت مدينة : Asia/Riyadh

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